Stephanie Lewis Ageless Life
Rehoboth Beach Delaware

Bio: Hey, my name is Stephanie. I write about Ageless Life, life after 60. Ageless life unique. It includes physical fitness, but it's not regular senior fitness. It's for all the parts of you that need to be developed as you continue to move through life strong, mentally, emotionally and physically. Additionally, as a wife and mom to 2 folks with autism, and a suspected ADD diagnosis in myself, I'd really love to become public about the challenges of a long term marrage and strategies for parenting an adult child with Autism and being the wife/life partner of another with Autism 1 (Aspergers). We're a little different! The main focus of this site/blog is Ageless Fitness in all areas of life. That means all my free tips here, all my free classes, all my programing include important things to keep our bodies and brains ageless: -Cognitive/thinking-how two think fast on your feet, especially when you need to. -Balance -Focus on abs/core to either get you or keep you up - Movements designed to manage pain through posture analysis and other techniques -Exercises in the context of REAL LIFE such as how to use your muscles to counterbalance a weight (carrying groceries or your grandchild) -Agility ( sometimes more important than strength to stop a fall) Plus: Nutrition tips, mindset and habits, fun, even cooking and fashion. All designed for the over 60 woman who understands that being ageless means making some changes, open, and willing to some stuff that'll get us that long, wonderful, life quality I know I want and I bet you do too. -How to keep up speed and endurance. Research shows this is more important than steps to keep your ticker ticking. So, let's hang out! Who am I? Married to my love for 37 years Happy wife and mom. Born 11/23/1961 in Queens, New York 27 year gym goer and fitness nut Dog and Cat foster and rescue nut Crohn's disease, medication intolerant Ileostomy Fibromyalgia Hashimotos Chronic Epstein Barr Syndrome, including chronic fatigue syndrome Complex PTSD. My workouts and myself are trauma friendly if needed Retired Special Education Teacher, Atlanta, Ga. Severe Behavior Disorders Retired School Psychologist, Autism and Behavior Change Specialist Crisis Counselor Homeless Advocate and Volunteer Second Generation American The Other Stuff: NASM certified personal trainer ISSA Corrective Exercise Specialist Functional Aging Specialist (Ageless Workout) Functional Aging Group Exercise Specialist Joint Health and Support Specialist Functional Aging Institute Certified Joint Replacement Specialist Functional Aging Institute Anchor Point Specialist Life Coach, IGCLC Precision Nutrition Nutrition Coach Precision Nutrition Certifications: -Macros coach -Intermittent fasting -Vegan/plant based -Keto/low carb BS Psychology MS Special Education MS Rehabilitation -Menopause and post menopause weight management specialist (estrogen belly and weight gain, sarcopenia, thyroid, natural hormone support) -Pelvic Floor Specialist (Bladder prolapse)

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