Quick Tips For Your Ageless Life:

Want a fast way to improve your breathing, posture, and–reduce pain throughout your body? As well as help balance (even makes your tummy look nice!)

Hold in your stomach! Or really, relearn the habit.

See, when we were younger and active we did that naturally. We had to, we weren’t sitting! When you sit for long periods of time with not enough exercising, standing, and moving, your core/tummy/ab muscles become weak and loose their tone. That leads to them pulling forward on your back and down on your hips. That can then pull your entire body out of alignment quite easily! It can also easy cut off oxygen to the rest of your you, decreasing the amount of oxygen and decreasing your circulation. That also leads to increased pain, but also loss of concentration and fatigue.

To get the habit back, set a timer for every 30 minutes. Then stand up (if you can) and hold it in. for 30 seconds. To start.

As you do this with consistency you’ll start doing it on your own!


Check back tomorrow for more great tips on becoming Ageless!

Ageless Women Being Ageless

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