My Friend Becky’s Fondest Wish…

Howard, Colin and I moved into our second home in December, 1996. I met my friend Becky that same day.

Not Becky and I but close enough.

She and I walked our neighborhood and gabbed for 25 years. She lived across the street, so convenient.

We recently moved back up the east coast, from Atlanta to Delaware. Becky separated from her husband and moved into a condo a few miles from our neighborhood.

I got a call from her last week….

Stephanie, I’M DEVASTATED. My grandkids are here visiting and I am struggling to even pick them up! What happened to my muscles??? I can’t even lift the baby over my head!

Have you heard a friend say that? Have you said that?

That IS sad. Grandkids are everything. Like nieces and nephews, little cousins. We want to play!

Picking up anything from the ground takes a coordinated effort of your leg, back and arm muscles. It’s a use it or lose it thing. But guess what? If you start using your muscles again you’ll get them back!

And it’s not as hard as you might think.

But back to Becky…

I told Becky to find a 2-3 pound thing she could lift overhead from at least her counter. That’s a start, correct?

That’ll get you this

Got it? The hardest part? Start somewhere.

Next, practice the move as you’ll use it. Start small and gradually build up as you get stronger. So start at a counter and practice with both arms at once, then single arms as you get stronger. Hold your tummy in and clench your bottom to keep your back protected.

Practice! Consistency is everything!

Then to work her bottom half, so she could bend and straighten safely…

I told her to practice getting up and sitting down in a chair while lifting her arms over her head.

Me demonstrate

That mimics lifting a kiddo, for a start.

And I told her to practice these 2 things once a day, 25 times each.

At this point exercise should directly lead to outcomes that directly improve our quality of life, quantity of life, and life experiences. That’s the essence of Agelessness. Whether that’s exercise, nutrition, or other lifestyle choices.

Ageless Life-style choices lead to a wonderful, happy, productive future.

See how easy that is?

Is this something you’d be interested in? Comment below!

Looks like a day at the beach.

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